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SHINee expresses their wishes to maintain their group together forever.

In March 9 at 1:30 pm in Olympic stadium, SHINee said that “Previously we talked together and we wished our all members work together as long as we can.” 

Jonghyun emphasized by saying, “We promised ourselves to work together and keep our group as long as we can”.

In addition to that, he said, “Next couple of years will be critical for us. Individually and as the group, those years will be chances for us to leap forward.” 

As for the third world tour, he raised people’s expectation by saying, “We have prepared our special stage device. There are things we can share and enjoy together with the audience.”

Starting with Seoul concert, SHINee opens world tour in coming April including Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and so on. They will also perform in Taiwan, China, Indonesia later.

Credit: goodhmh@osen.co.kr / Lee Daesun 
Source: SHINee Naver